☘️ Privacy Policy

Welcome to my simple privacy policy page. I've made this simple so that you can understand how my policy works.

Here's a quick summary -

A) - This site doese not use analytical or marketing cookies.
B) - I use a contact form to collect minimal personal information.
C) - I use testimonials to share individual client experiences.
D) - This website uses HTTP/SSL security.
E) - I will not sell or share your personal data.


This website does not store cookies in your web browser. I use a 100% GDPR-friendly analytical plugin (Independent Analytics) to monitor my website traffic. Only traffic data is stored on this website and not sent anywhere for processing.


This website collects data to power our website analytics, however, no personally identifiable information is saved or sent for processing elsewhere. Information includes -

Information about browser type and device.

Web pages you view while on this website

Geographic localtion (Country, City)

Use of testimonials

Testimonials published on this site are recieved via email and social media. They are published with the permission of the sender. They reflect the individual experiences and results of clientes who have used my services. But are not necessarily representative of everyone who uses my services.